I'm facing a very weird problem on my SGS2, using CM9 9.1.0 stable making me crazy. My device go to in deep sleep in 12-24 hrs once when I'm using Siyah kernel while CM9 stock kernel do it once or twice in a day. :'(

I have Googled for it and got this thread where the problem is same. Cm9 Phone Shuts Off By Itself, phone actually doesn't switch off it just go to in deep sleep and start to eat battery like a crazy nut, also I can call on my ohone and caller can hear up the ring but there is no life sighn at that moment in my phone.

How can I resolve this, I have did a clean install but no success, also battery of my phone is just new.

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Well I have got a workaround but not a permanent fix for this problem.

I did a clean re-install and then don't restore any backed up data through Go Backup/Titanium Backup app. Then I don't get that suspicious shutdown every time in a day, but after 2-3 days yes you will. :(

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