Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app often plays the same sound for new incoming chat message - this is the system notification sound.

That makes me confused facebook chat with other notification, especially the calendar reminder, new incoming email, etc. ...

How to customize it?

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In Facebook, you can change the notification sound from Facebook > Menu > Settings > Notification ringtone.

I assume it would be the same for Messenger, never used it though

  • In my Sony Xperia Z1 it's Facebook > Menu > Account > App Settings > Notification Oct 27, 2013 at 23:37

Go on messenger select a ringtone I just did it because Eveytime I have to update messenger I have no ringtone. Then for facebook go in Facebook settings choose a different ringtone. Have different ringtone for both. On messenger there there is a little icon tap on it you will see your ringtones

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