I installed CWM on my Mele A1000 and I was able to reboot into recovery mode using adb.

At which point I got the CWM menu where I was able to install files from SD, wipe cache etc...
After installing all the files (Cyanogen) I rebooted, now when the device starts all I see is the Cyanogen splash screen for a few minutes and then a message indicating:

Encryption Unsuccessful. Encryption was interrupted and can't complete. As a result the data on your tablet is no longer accessible.

To resume using your tablet, you must perform a factory reset. When you set up your tablet after the reset ....

This message looks like it's part of the standard Android system.

Since CWM is installed I should be able to access it in order to install something else,
but I cannot figure out how to reboot in recovery/cwm mode. There is no hardware button other than the power button on the Mele A1000

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Once the encryption screen comes up, Android may have gotten far enough in the bootprocess for the adb server to start. If you have adb set up on the computer, check and see if the computer can recognize the phone by typing adb devices. If you see device with a serial number, then just simply type adb reboot recovery. (If you don't have adb, there are several guides that can be found via Google that explain how to get it set up.)

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