On Rooted Android 4.1, I have it set up to be able to make NAndroid backups through terminal emulator.

What I hope to do is schedule a Tasker job to create a NAndroid backup and then copy/move it across wifi to my PC, so I can schedule it to run once a week in the middle of the night.

I know MV will move files/directories, but I'm not sure how to specify the network share as the destination.

I'll keep looking into it, but if anyone has already solved this one I would love to hear about it!


To gain that possibility, you would need to mount the remote (PC) drive on your Android device. This could e.g. be done using CifsManager or Mount Manager. The latter even offers a Tasker plugin, which would fit your wanted feature of being able to handle things directly from Tasker. And if you have trouble with it, you'll find its author/dev here at ASE, I'd say from the name :)

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