I want to use only the lock screen from another rom for the same phone. I own Micromax A52.

And I am using Xzoom v3 as my rom with Dark Angel theme.(to be precise if anyone knows and if it matters :P)

But i want to use the lock screen from another rom 'SuperStock52' which is also a rom for the same device.

How can i port that lock screen to my rom?


Unless the lock screen is some kind of 3rd party app (like GO Locker), then I believe you would have to modify the ROM yourself, and port the lock screen over manually, into your 'new' ROM. - In which case you might be better off asking for advice over at XDA, or another developer forum.

If it is some kind of 3rd party app, chances are you can download & install it from the Play store, or download the APK online from the developer's website.

EDIT: Rereading your question it's occured to me you might actually be asking how to port over the lock screen (IE: which files to modify in the ROM) - in which case, you should probably go to XDA (see above link) and ask for advice.

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