I have created an Android application using Eclipse, and now I'd like to install the APK on Bluestacks which is running on Windows 7. How can I install an APK on the Bluestacks player?


Save as app name.apk and right click on that file and open with HD-apk handler.exe which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks.

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  • The correct name is HD-ApkHandler.exe. Also Bluestacks installs to C:\Program Files on 64-bit systems. – user598527 Dec 19 '18 at 12:04

I just copied my APK file into the Apps folder, which is created by default in the Libraries folder at the time of BlueStacks installation. Then I just double clicked on the APK file to install it to the App Player. Now I can see the application icon on the home screen of the App Player and I am able to run it from there.

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To install an app from your pc, just double click on its apk file; it doesn't matter in which folder it is.

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its quite simple...... you need BlueStacks app player for this just download the .apk file of whichever app you wish to install. and then open the downloaded .apk file with ""APK handler"" of BlueStacks(the .exe file of the apk handler is present in the root directory of BlueStacks)

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