How to move application to SD card in samsung galaxy s duos.

I have tried some application from Google Play but did not succeed.

Plz help me


According to our tag wiki, the Duos comes with Android 4.x -- which natively supports to move apps to SD:

Settings→Apps→Manage Apps, sroll to the app you want to move, tapp the "Move to SDCard" button.

If the button is grayed out, the app does not support being moved to SDCard. See Unable to move few Apps to SD Card for details on that.

Questions (and their answers) you might want to check for further details:

EDIT: Googling around revealed several technical reviews stating that app2sd is not working on the Duos. Only known working solutions include either rooting the device, or using the Android SDK, see e.g. How to move almost all Android apps to SD card (no root required): here a comment reports to have successfully accomplished the task using a terminal emulator instead of the SDK. Putting things together, a How-To could basically look like this:

  • install a terminal app from the playstore (e.g. Android Terminal Emulator)
  • start the app
  • enter pm set-install-location 2, followed by the Enter key (if that throws an error other than "permission denied", try pm setInstallLocation 2 instead. In case of a "permission denied", you would need to root the device)

To my knowledge, this would only set the default installation target to the SDCard, but not move any apps itself. The howto there further describes one could then move apps manually. I have not tried this (I don't want to move things to SD), and so cannot confirm anything -- but it might be worth a try.

And again, the comments there are not all clear. While one claimed success, another user writes:

I can confirm this procedure cannot be done for Samsung S Duos. Even checked with Samsung Customer Care and they confirmed that Android 4.0x will not support movement of apps from the phone memory to External SD.

Same is, btw., claimed by LG support (something like "not our fault, blame Google"). But as other users say they can use app2sd fine on their 4.x devices, I cannot believe that it is ICS's fault, as the options are still shown fine even on my 4.1.x devices.

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  • There is no button Move to SDCard in my Application manager – Hkachhia Apr 9 '13 at 10:25
  • Is there no "Move..." button next to the "Delete data" in the "storage" section of the app details page? Just checking on my LG, I cannot find it either. Must be something done by the manufacturer/provider that it is removed from some devices, as ICS still should have it. In Manage apps, what tabs do you have there? // I just googled a little, and found that some manufacturers (like e.g. LG) intentionally disabled this functionality. Could very well be your SGS Duos is affected by this as well :( – Izzy Apr 9 '13 at 11:33
  • Further checks in several tech reviews confirm that app2sd does not work on the Duos. Only known work-arounds include rooting the device. Similar issue to my LG Optimus 4X as well, by the way, as I found out on the way :( – Izzy Apr 9 '13 at 11:52
  • I do know it was removed in Jellybean by Google (at least in 4.2, I can't remember if it was still there in 4.1). The goal is to push manufacturers to use one big solid partition so you can share your "sdcard" and application space. On devices that have separate partitions, it definitely can severely limit available space on the phone for apps. – bassmadrigal Apr 9 '13 at 12:19
  • That goes to be political, but IMHO this decision should be left to the user. Nevertheless, I still see the option on my 4.1.1 tablets. But as they also still use UMS (instead of the "favored" MTP), this might as well be a "speciality" of this one manufacturer... I just googled for "app2sd android 4.0", but an official statement from Google I didn't see in the result list. – Izzy Apr 9 '13 at 12:23

study the whole answer PATIENTLY and i am sure this will help

i will tell you how to swap your internal memory and external memory

ex. if you have a 8gb sd card, then your internal memory will be 8gb and the external will be 2gb



for this your phone must be rooted download root external 2 internal app from play store. allow the superuser request when you open the app.

go to settings


select Default SGS3 roms

select send rescan

select use per default

then go to the ext.sdcard device access

there u will see /dev/block/vold/179:49

change it to /dev/block/vold/179.33

go back on clicking the enternal 2 internal on the up left of the screen

select at boot (if not selected)

then click on external>internal

then on **at boot if init.d....





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    How does this answer the question and help the OP move an app to their SD card? – Peanut May 17 '13 at 15:06

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