O.k so I have an H.T.C Evo with Froyo 2.2, and I recently rooted it using unRevoked 3.21 but now i'm having some issues with my phone and would like to return it back to sprint. How do I remove the root and change the evo back to stock version so I can take my phone into sprint for a checkup. Can someone pleaaaaaaasssssssse help me? My phone is moving like a turtle.

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You could start with this method. It's basically just two steps:

  1. If you used Unrevoked Forever on your phone, then flash their S-ON tool.
  2. Flash a stock PC36IMG.zip from HBoot.

There's also the RUU method, though I think you'd still need to run the S-ON tool if you used Unrevoked Forever (I don't believe the RUU will re-enable S-ON). Either one of these should get you back to a stock unrooted system.

  • The RUU is basically a nice, executable version of step 2. The OP will need to flash S-ON first, then either flash the RUU or the ROM extracted from it.
    – afrazier
    Jan 3, 2011 at 21:10

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