When I use Google Maps it sets my Google Latitude location, but once I turn Maps off it stops. I'd like it to update with my location on a regular basis. I don't want to drain the battery by always using the GPS, but it'd be nice if it updated, say, every half hour or so.

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I found this from the Google Mobile Help forum after a little searching. It's from 8/15/09 so I actually see something a little different on my phone Settings > Location > Google Location Services. I haven't tested it but hope it helps.

Quoting the site:

Hi everyone, Apologies for not updating this thread specifically sooner. There is a new version available in Android Market (version 3.1.2). Just search for "Google Maps" if you have at least the 1.5 system update (Cupcake) and install this over your current version of Maps.

Please let me know if you experience background location updating issues with this version. As long as you have enabled automatic location detection in the Latitude privacy menu and have enabled location detection (Settings > Security & location > Use wireless networks), Latitude should update your location while your phone is on. This means your location should never appear older than ~1 hour to any of your friends.

Thank you all for your patience! Chris


Using Latify, you can configure location updates using a specific interval. It will syncup with Google Latitude using either GPS or WIFI at the defined interval, even when the application is not running.

  • Just downloaded Latify - looks really neat!
    – Jeffrey
    May 24, 2011 at 15:10

Check out Backitude. It takes over the Latitude updating for you. Good reviews.

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