Does "Backup all user apps" also include app data too and does "Backup all system data" include backup of messages and contacts ?

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TiBu's FAQ says:

Click “Backup all user apps” (if you want just your apps) or “Backup all user apps + system data” if you want everything backed up. This doesn’t seem to always backup SMS and contact history.

Unfortunately it doesn't explain all options in detail -- but from the above quote one can conclude:

  • "Backup all system data" normally includes contacts, SMS, etc (but might miss some history -- not clear if the latter a) refers to an old version, as I never experienced that, or b) is device-specific)
  • "Backup all user apps" must include the data, otherwise the term if you want everything backed up wouldn't make sense.

To make sure, just visit the above mentioned FAQ for a closer check, which might answer other questions (you didn't know you've had ;) on the way.

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