My friend has a Motorola Defy which is beginning to run very slowly and reboot itself at random. He's had it for a couple of years.

He doesn't have enough money right now to get a decent replacement so I suggested there might be ways to get a few more months out of the phone.

Installing a brand new/ clean operating system seems like a good plan. I've had a look at Cynogenmod but I'm not sure if that will achieve what we're after.

In the case of a slow Android phone is the best approach to install a new OS? Or are there ways of cleaning up/ speeding up the OS without going to that level?

If we were going to install a new operating system is Cynogenmod the best approach?

I noticed this question explaining how to return the Defy to it's original stock state: Return my motorola defy to its original state

  • The easiest thing would be to simply do a factory reset if he was happy with how it used to run. If that doesn't work it's probably a hardware issue. – Matthew Read Apr 15 '13 at 21:30
  • @MatthewRead - thank you. That definitely seems like the easiest approach. I'll talk to him about that option. – BaronGrivet Apr 15 '13 at 22:31

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