I wanted to "root" my Android phone. Therefore I went to the XDA forums to download the root package. I found two versions of it: CF Auto Root and CF root.

I thought one has to modify the kernel to obtain permenent "root" rights. Therefore it was justified that the CF Root package is nothing but a modified kernel. However, I didn't quite understand what the CF Auto Root does that is different? Isn't it also a modified kernel??

What does the author mean when he says this:

CF-Root (non-Auto) are manually built rooted kernels and/or flashables that usually provide more than “just root”. CF-Auto-Root is built on an automated system that I am constantly improving that takes a stock recovery image and returns an automated rooting packages. These packages are designed to install and enable SuperSU on your device, so apps can gain root access, and nothing more.

What does he refer as "automated" system??

  • Rooting does not necessarily involve a kernel change. Have you checked with the rooting tag-wiki? Many of our tags contain a quite comprehensive wiki. You can reach it e.g. by clicking on the "info" link while hovering your mouse over the tag below your question. – Izzy Apr 16 '13 at 9:48

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