I have an iPod Touch 4G (this is where you all start screaming at me). But I like the apps on Google Play. So if I downloaded a Google Play app on my computer and sent it to my iPod, would it work?

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    Nope. Sorry. The best bet for you is to find the app which you like contact the app developer/website to know whether a iDevice app is available and then use it. – Narayanan Apr 18 '13 at 11:18

iOS and Android are two different systems. The only way to run Android Apps on iOS would be with an emulator.

There exists a project called iphodroid. It has a Google Code project page. The last update from the homepage is from May 2011 and given the rapid development regarding Android and iOS I doubt that this is still functional. You can try it, but at your own risk! I have never tested it.


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