I have a HTC Legend, and on occasion, I get an error "Process com.htc.bg has stopped unexpectedly".

According to other forums, this could be caused by issues with internet connectivity relating to updating Facebook contacts.

I have removed the syncing of Facebook all together (only syncs when I force it to), but I am still getting these errors.

Has anyone else worked out what is causing these issues, and how to resolve it? The processing crashing is usually just a popup, the process restarts ok without any issue, but on occasion the entire thing locks up, restarts, or the home screen reloads (as if coming from a restart)

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I have also experienced this problem with an Exchange account. My solution was to remove the account completely and re-add it.


I don't have a Legend, nor HTC, but some googling turned these out:

apparently it's related to Facebook Sync.

  • I have found this as well. After the first few syncs and a few restarts, the issue has not occurred again.
    – glasnt
    Commented Nov 18, 2010 at 21:51

I had this while using "go launcher ex notifications" seems it was running two notifications at the same time, made a conflict, so I uninstalled and it seems fine. HTC desire.

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