I have several accounts synchronized on my galaxy S3 (google, google+, skype, facebook, linkedin) and I grouped the same contacts from various accounts into one.

How can I modify the way this merged account is visible in my contacts list? As an example I have the same person as:

  • in linkedin: John Doe + ugly picture
  • in google: Johnny + nice picture
  • in skype: The mad guy + no picture

When merging these contacts I usually end up with the combo "the mad guy" + ugly picture, or whatever combination. I obviously would like to have "John Doe" + nice picture.

Is there a way to select what element should come from which contact?

Fallback question: in case this is not possible: is there a way to enforce one of the contacts as the "master one" ? (I would choose google as I have the most control over that one)

Note: This question was initially asked on Phandroid but it will hopefully apply to any Android device

Thank you for any pointers!


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Open joined contact > menu button > mark as default > chose account, name, phone.

Thats all.


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