I am a new user of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT - P5100). Is there any way to use my Galaxy Tab as portable WiFi hotspot?


Using this as source


Turn on the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Android smartphone (or tablet)

  1. Go to the Settings screen on your Android phone. You can get there by pressing the menu button on your device when you're on the home screen, then tapping "Settings".
  2. At the Settings screen, tap the "Wireless & networks" option.
  3. You should see an option for "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot". Click the check mark beside it to turn on the hotspot and your phone will

    start acting like a wireless access point. (You should see a message in the notification bar when it's activated.)

  4. To adjust and check the settings for the hotspot, tap the aptly named "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings" option. You'll need to do this if you don't know the default password that will be created for your hotspot so you can make a note of it for connecting your other devices.
  5. You can change the default password, security level, router name (SSID), and also manage users connected wirelessly to your phone in the Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

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