I read Still visible after I deleted my WhatsApp account and Whatsapp - last time seen online - what does it mean? and http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/search/?q=delete The user is using iphone i am using android.

What happens with the last seen date if the user removes, or uninstalls whatsapp or deletes his/her whatsap profile? Do i see the last timestamp that the user became online or is it visible at all?

I think the user has not blocked me because i see the Last Seen Date. I see the last seen date 16.4.2013 15:56 (Today is 21.04.2013 12:41)

What does that mean?

a. user has deleted his/her account,

b. user has not been connected to internet,

c. user removed the application without removing his her account?


1.If user uninstalls WhatsApp, the last seen date will be when he or she uses the app.

  1. If user deletes his or her account then the account itself will be nonexistent. The users name will disappear from the users list itself(just like contacts who don't have WhatsApp aren't listed)

and about that user being last online on 16th April, no the user hasn't blocked you.

Read this FAQ on the official WhatsApp site.

    How can I tell if someone has blocked me on WhatsApp?
There are a couple of indicators that you may be blocked by one or
more of your WhatsApp contacts:

    You can no longer see this contact's "last seen at.." or "online" status in the Chat window. Learn more about these status indicators here.
    Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark (message sent), and never show a second check mark (message delivered)

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