I want to use the adb restore . I use adb restore to restore a backup. But my problem after some delay if i don't click ok, the mechanism restore stops. I want my restore do not stop. And if possible it starts automatically and it does not expect a validation for me. used adb back up to get my backup.ab. Then i use adb restore backup.ab


You will always have to approve on the device when initiating an adb backup or adb restore -- this is a security measure. Otherwise any villain could obtain your data (adb backup) or place malware on your device (adb restore).

If you don't approve the action on your device, it is assumed it could be mentioned villain intending some evil actions, and hence the process is aborted -- again said security measure.

To my knowledge, there isn't anything (apart from applying some hack to the adb code/libraries/binaries on the device itself) to "work around" this.

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