I want to type French and German accents and stuff using some kind of add-on to the stock keyboard. I don't want to switch between boards. I see there are a lot of keyboards in the Play store but I need one that doesn't interfere with the stability of the stock one.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.1

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You can "long press" a key, which will give you alternative letters if alternative symbols are associated with it. Try it with the letter "E". To select the desired letter/symbol slide your finger to the side.


I use Anysoft Keyboard for writing with accented, etc. characters. Try it.


See http://www.reddit.com/r/Nexus5/comments/2atmt4/german_keyboard/. this method works for me.

Enable German keyboard by going to settings > language & input > then clicking the settings button next to Google keyboard >input languages > select German. To type ß, you'll need to hold down the s key, then it'll pop up, same for ü under u, Å under A, etc.


Long press on keys gives alternate symbols. However for ß , you have to make sure the keyboard is in lower case as upper case would simply show SS instead of ß

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