Just bought Tasker, my goal is that when I get into my car I have a Jabra Freeway, it has a motion sensor and turns on when it detects motion. But my VZW Galaxy Nexus won't always connect. I get tired of checking, how do I go about creating a task or profile that would allow me to hear a notification sound to act as a confirmation that the phone connected. I'd like to get in, and hear for example a text tone on the Bluetooth to let me know it's connected. I need a step by step walkthrough. I haven't found one online?


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You could make use of the condition State→Bluetooth Connected:

The device is connected to another device via Bluetooth. If either of Name or Address are specified, they must match a connected device.

Connections to non-paired devices (e.g. while pairing is taking place) are ignored.

Warning: Tasker can't directly detect when a BT device is connected, only when a connection or disconnection is made.

As for the task, take a look at Music Play:

Play a sound file from the SD card.

File is the path to the file on the SD card e.g. Music/wow.mp3

Alternatively: Notify Sound:

Show a notification on the top bar and play a sound.

The specified Title will appear on the bar initially. Notifications with a particular (non-empty) title replace existing ones with that title.

When the notification area is pulled down, the specified Text will be visible.

Or Notify Vibrate, Play Ringtone, Say (Synthesize the given Text into speech)...

Trying a raw thing (I didn't test this):

  • Condition: State→Bluetooth Connected (specify the parameters)
  • Task: Say "You are connected now."

For more information, you might want to take a look at the User Manual. Also check the Tasker Homepage itself for more Guides, FAQ, How-Tos, etc. Moreover, the Wiki contains a lot of ready profiles, step-throughs, and more.

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