Having trouble with this line on this tutorial:

"In your Android SDK directory, at \extras\amazon\kindle_fire_usb_driver, run KindleDrivers.exe, and then follow the instructions on the screen."

I just cannot find this area, any idea where i should install it from?


On XDA, in the user profile of Astarioth, there's a link mentioned in the "most thanked" tab: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/vprplelu9zx7s2o/kindle_fire_usb_driver.rar?dl=1 (and this is the XDA post thanked for). The name of the .rar archive suggests it holds your wanted drivers -- and the quote

[...] uninstall your old Kindle USB Driver and install this one.

confirms my guess :)

Now, why didn't you find it in your SDK directory, you might ask? Guess that's as it goes with apples and peaches. You assumed Google's Android SDK -- while Amazon has its own Android SDK. And that line most likely referred to the latter, while you have the former installed. Also only a guess -- but I'd say I guessed right again? You might want to read Setting Up Your Development Environment, take a special look at the section Installing SDK Add-Ons. If you work with Eclipse, this gives you another source to get to the Kindle drivers.

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