In the Galaxy GT-P1000 Tab, when you're in "Recovery Mode", Volume Up & Down is used for scrolling. But which button is referred to as Ok or Home Key to select?

As far as I know, the Menu Key, Home Key, and Back Key are soft keys that only light up after a full Boot, while in Recovery Mode, these three keys do not come up (lights up).

Right now, after successfully flashing my GT-P1000 stock rom, the instructions says that I should go into recovery mode by pressing Volume-Up button together with Power button and enter the recovery mode and use the Volume up and Down to scroll to "wipe/factory reset" to complete my upgrade. I could not find the "Home Key" that I needed select that option after scrolling to "wipe/factory reset" and my Tab won't boot fully either.

I need these answers quickly to get my Tab working. At the moment, the Tab continues to loop back to rebooting around the Samsung Logo.

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Does it have a physical power button? Usually, that is the OK button in recovery mode.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, has physical Power button but when I press the power button, nothing happened, when I press and hold the power, the Tab is turned off. I'm confused Apr 30, 2013 at 17:44

On my GT-P1000 when in recovery mode, the lit up buttons (four light icons on the side where the cable plugs in), the home key is your OK button.

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