I am trying to get my new Nexus 7 to display my offline web site that I made with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have been looking for a way to display my site off the tablet as sort of a demo for people to play with. A fully working site, no screen shots but something interactive.

I kinda know how to put the files on my Nexus, and by that I mean I can get it on there but then I cant find it when I browse though it. I put it in the download folder but I don't see the folder. It's not zipped or compressed, i'ts just the folder in there. Any advice would be great.


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Once you transfer files to your Nexus 7 use one of these apps to get to the files:

Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer

explained here:



To View on the html file on your Nexus 7 use the HTML Viewer app.

Would love a quicker solution, but this works!

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