I have some Chinese songs on my LG Optimus G, which I copied to my music folder along with the rest of the songs. All songs show up in Apollo (Cyanogenmod's standard player), but not the Chinese ones.

I have tried changing the filenames to western alphabet. I have put them in a folder with a name in western alphabet. I have refreshed the media library. I have rebooted. I have deleted the data from Apollo. Yet to no avail. The only thing I've not changed is the MP3 Tag which contains Chinese characters, but that really shouldn't be a problem. I can open each individual song with Apollo from within a file manager, and they play and their MP3 Tag information shows.

The songs played perfectly before I made the move to Cyanogenmod.

How can I make them show up in the library?

  • Not sure whether it solves the issue, but you could delete cache/data from the media library ("Media Storage" -- the provider used by the Media Scanner, where all collected information is stored) as well. That would force the Media Scanner to refresh the entire library.
    – Izzy
    May 3 '13 at 9:05

I am using CM10.1 with my S2. I have Chinese songs (with Chinese text), and can play them on Apollo.

Your player probably can't see the files. Try to re-scan them using the Rescan SD Card app.

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