I received a lot of spam SMS from a lot of numbers which are started with 60 , so is there any android app that allow me to block all sms came from any number start with a specific number like 60 ?


Try SMS Organizer
This app can auto-delete messages based on senders phone numer/contact name or even based on keywords in the message text.

The app lets you set 'rules'to match which numbers to delete. For example, you can set a rule to auto delete any message when the sender's phone number/contact name contains a certain sequence.

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If you are unsure about deleting, you can also set the rule to move all those sms to a folder (This app also lets you create custom folders for text messages) and then delete them from the folder.

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I'm using this fine app here and I like it. But if you go to play store and search for "sms blocker" there are many of the kind, having customer/user comments which are a good idea to read to have a picture of the app.
IMHO always start with trial version and use the one fits best your needs.

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