I have a Coolpad Quattro with Gingerbread 2.3. I didn't like the keyboards that came with the phone so I deleted them and got another one from the app store. Because my phone was running slowly, I did a factory reset. This is the second time I did it. Only this time, it didn't restore my keyboards. Now I have no keyboard to use, and I cannot sign into the play store on my phone, so I can't install a keyboard from Google Play. I have tried to send a file via bluetooth, but that doesn't seem to work either. I really need to use my keyboard, and I have reset the phone three times now. What can I do?


You just created a nice chicken-and-egg problem: to install a keyboard via the playstore, you need to configure your Google account on the device first. To do that, you need a keyboard. Note: never delete the (last) keyboard app from the system apps; a factory-reset removes all user apps, so if there is no keyboard app as system app...

Here's what you can do -- provided you've got some keyboard as .apk file:

  1. enable USB Debugging on your device
  2. use adb install keyboard.apk to install the keyboard app

If you don't have ADB installed on your computer, either install the Android SDK -- or see Is there a minimal installation of ADB? for an "ADB lite" variant.

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I´ve done it without adb or anything else. Just download this apk: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-keyboard/google-keyboard-4-0-21173-1568296-android-apk-download/

Then pass the apk to a second phone. After that pass by bluetooth the apk from the second phone to the first. After that the installation option will apear and your problem will be resolved.

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Following this advice I enabled USB Debugging (on my Moto g 2nd gen) and then I happened (on a whim) to look at Accounts before proceeding. At the bottom of the screen it said I could add an account so I went to do this - and there, suddenly was a keyboard again! So I was able to sign back into my Google account and get things working. I don't know if I have hit upon some safety feature, or what, but more importantly - it worked!

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Just get a free keyboard.APK and copy this to your SDcard. Install it from there. To find a free keyboard APK file: Just do a search on Google: "free android keyboard apk".

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