I'm using CM9 (Alpha 14) adnroid 4.0.1 for my GTi9003. Every other app works fine except for instagram.

Picture doesnt load at picture editing/ picture filter screen (screenshot) Screenshot of the instagram and instgram hangs and I have to force close every time. It was working fine on stock ROM. Any patches?

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i have cm10.2 nightly kernel and happens exactly the same. i read that some peolple with cm10.2 quarx didn´t have this trouble. On the other hand I couldn't find any solution, so I'm thinking in testing cm9 (for motorola defy+) or go under cm7.

  • try the oldest version of instagram that is allowed on your device. Instagram 3.4 worked for me. The problem seems with HW composer.
    – MalTec
    Oct 15, 2013 at 10:24

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