So i'm pretty sick of the calendar app on my HTC Desire... it's good, and does most things well, but something it does badly which is just really a stupid oversight by htc is this: The date picker does not show the day of the picked date. Even when you have selected the date, the event you're creating doesn't tell you the day. WTF??

I guess i should ask if this is the same onthe stock android calendar app? If not, how can i get that one on my desire?

I'm very tempted to ditch the HTC ROM and install a Gingerbread ROM... the running out of space issue is beyond a joke too. ugh!

thanks heaps greg


You probably have the HTC Sense calendar, which is different from the regular calendar. To replace it:

  1. Root your phone.
  2. Use a file manager like Root Explorer to back up any files you replace and to copy in new ones. You'll need to browse to /system/app and mount it as R/W.
  3. Use an AOSP (android-open-source-project) calendar like this one from XDA (has instructions). It's for 2.1, it might work for 2.2 but if not just search XDA for another.
  • Thanks for the info... i will root my phone soon, but figure i'll just put a gingerbread rom on there.. i think i want to get rid of all the sense gunk. – Jeeby Jan 9 '11 at 7:35
  • i'm also very tempted to buy a nexus s... not because its an amazing phone (its not - why no SD card???), but because it's the only option with a pure google android experience... i'm getting the feeling the manufacturers introduce more issues than its worth by modding their android versions. :| – Jeeby Jan 9 '11 at 7:36
  • By the way i found Calengoo app, which is excellent. I think i'll just use this from now on, until i get to rooting my phone and getting rid of sense ui. :) – Jeeby Jan 9 '11 at 7:48

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