I'm on Android 4.1.2, in a Motorola Razr D3, and every time the mobile power off, or I reboot it, the default display sleep time will get back to 15 seconds, and I have to set it to 1 minute again, as I want it.

Other configurations like "Language" or "Auto-rotate screen" are not resetting.

In opposite to this question, I did not installed any battery saver software. Although the SmartActions app comes with the phone, and I enabled the "Low Battery Saver" option which would reduce the bright of the screen when the battery is low, I don't think it should affect the sleep time, even more with full battery. I disabled it to test, and there was no change.

Any idea why it's resetting this configuration?


The LockerPro app was reseting my screen lock time to 15 seconds.

(the Android system should offer a way to check who is changing the system settings)

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