I'm on Android 4.1.2, in a Motorola Razr D3, and every time the mobile power off, or I reboot it, the default display sleep time will get back to 15 seconds, and I have to set it to 1 minute again, as I want it.

Other configurations like "Language" or "Auto-rotate screen" are not resetting.

In opposite to this question, I did not installed any battery saver software. Although the SmartActions app comes with the phone, and I enabled the "Low Battery Saver" option which would reduce the bright of the screen when the battery is low, I don't think it should affect the sleep time, even more with full battery. I disabled it to test, and there was no change.

Any idea why it's resetting this configuration?

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The LockerPro app was reseting my screen lock time to 15 seconds.

(the Android system should offer a way to check who is changing the system settings)

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