A captive Wi-Fi or captive portal being a Wi-Fi network that redirects all websites to a page, usually with a form to log in, enter a code, or accept some T&Cs.

My can detect when I've connected to a network with this behaviour, and brings up a to tell me, but my old can't. When was this feature introduced?


As best as I can tell on GrepCode, functionality relating to walled gardens (captive portals) was added to WifiWatchdogStateMachine.java in 4.0.1. I can't find it listed in the Android API reference to confirm exactly when it was added, but that would seem to match with your Nexus 10 having the feature but not your HTC Desire.

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    My HTC Wildfire S has this notification on 2.3.5... May 24 '13 at 17:39

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