My Samsung keep booting up and then after the intro where it should show my home screen it showing a blue flashing Samsung sign with the Led light glowing blue as well. I have tried taking out the battery and holding down volume+home+power button. and holding the home button for restarting it. it's frustrating me

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    Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts, Erica -- and thanks for sharing your concern! However, we are a Q&A site. To answer your question we need to know it. Could you please update your post to let us know what exactly your question is? Do you get to the homescreen -- or is your device stuck at the "blue flashing Samsung sign"?
    – Izzy
    May 19, 2013 at 12:53

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Press and hold VOLUME UP and Home(center) button Press Power until the phone vibrate Wait until you see the Android logo then release all the buttons. Select Wipe data/Factory reset with VOLUME DOWN, press Power (right hand-side) Select YES -- delete all user data with VOLUME DOWN and then press Power After format, press Power again to reboot phone. (select reboot system now)


Try wiping it from recovery.

WARNING, it removes all data from phone.

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