Sometimes when I'm tired, I take a nap of 1 hour. Doing that with the native clock on Android requires a lot of clicks. I would like to have an app that whenever the button is pressed, it starts to count 1 hour.

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It sounds like what you want is a timer rather than an alarm clock. (Did you look in the Play Store?)

One very simple timer app I use is Tick!.

  1. Tap to open
  2. Use your finger to spin the dial to the amount of time you want to count down
  3. Tap to start the timer

You can use Google Now:

say "OK Google Now",

say "Set Alarm for one hour",

then touch "Set Alarm"


You could try an app called Simple Alarm Clock by a developer called Moula soft Inc. It is in the google app store. I like it.

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