For some time, Google+ contains the possibility to share your current location with your friends. This feature is similar to Google Latitude but uses a different permission-system: Where Latitude uses a seperate friend list (the Latitude Friends), Google+ uses the people from your circles to check, who can see your location.

In the settings of the location sharing (in the Google+ App, in the drawer "Locations", Settings), I can select which people can see "who can see your best available location". All these people see my exact location, so determined by GPS (if available). If a person is not included in this list, the person does not see my location at all.

Question: How can I select which persons can only see my city, but not my exact location? Just like it was possible on latitude? As expained above, I only see the possiblity to share the exact location or to share no location at all.

  • From what I can see, you can't, unless you change your location settings to be manually updated.
    – ale
    May 24, 2013 at 13:37
  • You still can't. However, if you check in to Google+, you can choose "city location".
    – ale
    Jul 11, 2013 at 12:38

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This is now addressed in Google+ v4.1

4. Location sharing includes more controls
Starting today you can share your pinpoint or city-level location with others (if you want), and you can do so on a circle-by-circle basis. For example: you can share your pinpoint location with family, and your city-level location with co-workers. You can also use circles to filter who appears on your “Locations” map.

It’s rolling out to Google Play over the next few days (goo.gl/xaxMx)...

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