I have a developer tablet, and I also need some peripherals connected via USB to my tablet and debug cable at the same time. I tried to connect USB hub to my tablet using OTG cable, by got the problem - tablet can use peripherals, but PC doesn't show the device in adb devices.

Is it possible to connect debug cable and USB peripherals to my tablet at the same time?


No, this is not possible. In order for your device to be in debug mode/ connect to the computer with the debug cable, it needs to be connected as a slave device. The OTG cable tells the tablet to go into host mode. So now your computer is telling your tablet to be a slave but through the enumeration with the OTG cable the tablet believes it needs to be the master, there's a quarrel and it appears the tablet wins and is the master and thus your computer does not acknowledge the tablets existence.

If you need the debugging tools have you looked into adv wireless debugging? (Sorry I can't find the link right now but I've used it in the past and know it is somewhere on the developer.android.com site)

I couldn't find the link so I figured out how to do it again:

1) Open the command prompt and navigate to your sdk/platform-tools/ folder.

2) Type adb tcpip 5555

3) Type adb connect <your device ip address>:5555

4) At this point you unplug your device and type adb logcat

5) At times, such as unplugging/plugging into a USB device, the logcat will become disconnected, just redo steps 3 & 4.

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make sure the phone and pc are on the same network (pingable) get the ipaddress of the phone from wifi settings.

from androidstudio terminal window cd to where your platform tools are located example cd C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools>

by default adb will be in usb mode so you can see your connected phone with the adb devices

so restart adb with cmd adb tcpip 5556

then connect with cmd adb connect where the ip is the ip of the phone

adb devices should now show the ip:port device

C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools>adb devices List of devices attached device

you can then connect the debugger to a running app that is using the usb connection

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