On my galaxy S2, the mobile data usage shows two applications 10110 and 10109 consuming a lot of data. Does anyone know what these apps are? Or how I can find out? I am running jellybean 4.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Can you see those apps in Settings -> App?
    – roxan
    Jun 4, 2013 at 3:51
  • No, I can't see them there.
    – blvdeer
    Jun 4, 2013 at 6:05

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That are most likely not app names, but their "user IDs" (and the system is unable to match a name).

On a rooted device, you could find out more on those by executing

ls -l /data/data | grep 10110

(which should show you the data directory of the app owned by that user, together with some more data). Investigating that directory might give you an idea: its name is the package name, which you could even lookup at Google Play:


While that's unlikely to find the app (or your system really is in trouble not being able to match the two), it's at least worth a try. In case nothing is found, you can investigate that directory's content to make a "good guess" what it might be about. Also, the name of the directory itself might already have given you a clue.

I will give you an example (from one of my extracted Nandroid backups). Let's say ls turned up com.motorola.android.fota on a Motorola device. So by the fact it's a Motorola device, and the package name starting with com.motorola.android one can deduce it's a system app build by the manufacturer. Assuming one doesn't connect the fota with anything, in the subdirectory databases one finds two SQLite files. I checked the config.db and saw it has two tables, at least one of them seemingly all about updates (auto_update_interval, auto_update_enable, and more). The second one is fumo.db and seems to hold information about packages. So this is most likely an app responsible for updating apps -- and if you not already know, "FOTA" stands for "Firmware Over The Air update".

However, to do that your device must be rooted (users other than root it won't permit to browse the /data/data directory).

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