I would like to (repeatedly) measure the RSSI of a given Wi-Fi access point while I am (physically) approaching it. It is important to mention that at the beginning, my phone is not associated with the AP, hence reading RSSI via wpa_cli signal_poll does not work.

The best I have found so far is to repeatedly issue a wpa_cli scan and read the results using wpa_cli bss <BSSID>. However, this gives me new results with much too low frequency, as the scans take too much time. I target to get a new RSSI every second. (even if I limit scanning to the 5GHz band only, it is too slow).

Is there any way to scan for a single channel only (as I know the channel the access point is transmitting on)?


Install iw and then issue:

iw dev wlan0 scan freq 2417

It synchronously scans only the frequency(ies) you specify. This can give you multiple results per second!


If using the shell isn't a problem, you can compile iwlist command for ARM, and transfer it to device. iwlist scan as root may give you better results.

  • Thanks for your answer. iwlist scan does indeed give sufficiently verbose results. However, it still suffers from the fact that it issues a scan and exactly that scan takes too much time. I need another way to monitor RSSI than scanning repeatedly.
    – gzm0
    Jun 5 '13 at 20:48

You don't necessarily have to use shell for this. Try out inSSIDer it provides RSSI data, but I am not sure how realtime this data is.

For me this app is used to verify the consistency of the AP's (Enterprise network) in a certain location and their typical radio switch zone.

  • This is indeed a nice app, but unfortunately I need to log RSSI over time which this app seems to be unable to do.
    – gzm0
    Jun 7 '13 at 0:09

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