Throughout the day, my phone's kernel kills my memory-resident apps at random, probably because the phone had run out of memory. The apps are Backitude, Dropsync, Llama, MightyText, and Screebl. (All five apps run as background services, yet my phone's kernel still kills them.)

The workaround I did is to have a Llama event that relaunches the other four apps every 3 hours. The fourth app is tricky because Screebl doesn't turn on when launched. So far so good. The problem is .. if the kernel kills Llama.

I'm looking for a timed launcher, I think. It needs to launch Llama every 3 hours, so that llama can launch the other four apps, and this timed launcher, every 3 hours. The set-up is sort of like those old Windows viruses that come in two executables; each exe makes sure the other is always running. I cross my fingers the kernel doesn't kill them both.

I'm looking for suggestions. How do I keep given apps always running?

P.S. Heh, I see that this is the opposite of this community wikied question.

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    Android's ActivityManager usually kills and restarts services after some time (usually a few mins) that were killed because of low-memory. I suspect that if this mechanism failes your device is in a situation where it has very low resources and a different workaround wouldn't help either. – Flow Jun 5 '13 at 7:14
  • So your device already kills background service due to low memory -- and you want to solve that by adding another background service? Not very likely to work, wouldn't you agree? But you might want to check Keeping an app in memory and A: How to lower OOM value of an app permanently? – Izzy Jun 5 '13 at 10:35

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