This may sound a bit lazy, but does anybody know of an app or a method that can automatically reboot one's phone? I sometimes forget to reboot it daily (I like keeping my OS fresh).


If your device is rooted, Tasker can do that (there's a free trial available at their website for you to check first). While you don't need to boot your device daily (I don't boot it more often than once a month usually, if at all), I also thought about a weekly reboot on a device having problems otherwise (my old Wildfire started behaving oddly with calls after about 10 days uptime).

So here we go, assuming a weekly reboot at Monday morning 3am for a fresh week:


  • Day → Day-of-week: pick "Monday"
  • Time: Set both, From and To time to 3am


  • Reboot

I have to include a warning here from the Tasker UserGuide on Reboot:

Unfortunately, this is not a 'clean' shutdown. Neither Android nor running applications are informed that the device is rebooting, so be prepared for possible data corruption.

On the other hand, every other app that allows reboot does it the same way.

So this warning does not apply to Tasker alone, but obviously to all other solutions as well.

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