On my Droid2 (Android Version 2.2) (System Version.2.3.20.A955.Verizon.en.US), I fully utilize the phone's ability to log into a Google, Facebook, and Twitter account, and link the contacts together. Often it chooses the wrong name to display, but that is another question entirely. I have already set the option in ...

(Contacts) -> [Menu] -> "More (+)" -> "Settings"

... to automatically push any newly created contacts to my Google account. If I create a new contact traditionally, via ...

(Contacts) -> [Menu] -> "Add contact"

... then it works exactly as expected, creating a new contact in both my Phone Contacts and Google Contacts. However, sometimes there are people I know whom I have no contact information for until I friend them on Facebook. At this point, the only contact I have for them is my Facebook contact. I don't like having to rely on only a Facebook contact, and I always take this opportunity to start a Google Contact for them, duplicating what Facebook has already told me. This is where the unexpected behavior begins.

If I select a contact from my phone which is purely a Facebook contact, and click ...

... [Menu] -> "Edit"

... it brings me to the traditional contact editing screen, presenting me with all of their Facebook information as immutable fields, allowing me to manually duplicate this data into what I would expect would be both a Phone Contact and a Google Contact.

But it's not!!! After manually re-typing in, say, their birthday, e-mail address, and cellphone number (information traditionally available via Facebook), and I click ...


... the resulting contact reads as ...

Linked profiles (2)

Facebook: John D.
Phone Contacts: John Doe

... with a Google contact nowhere to be seen!! Even if I initiate a manual resynchronization via ...

(Home Screen) -> [Menu] -> "Settings" ->  "Accounts" -> "[my Google account]" -> [Menu] -> "Sync now"

... the information is still not pushed to my Google Contacts!!

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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So far, my only work-around is to recognize a new Facebook contact, navigate away from it, manually create a new completely empty contact by the same name, link the two, then begin duplicating the data. This is cumbersome and should not be necessary.


Another work around is to use yahoo mail to export your Facebook friends then import them into gmail. It's not a very sustainable workaround for keeping things in sync, but would make the initial sync much easier than manually duplicating the contacts.

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