I have a brand new Nexus 10. It worked for a few minutes of web browsing and then I am not sure what I did but somehow it got to the point where I was asked to sign into a Google Account. Since I use gmail, the required answer to the question: do you use Google Accounts? is yes. So I touched 'yes'.

I put in my gmail address and password. Now it shows Couldn't sign in, Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. There is the suggestion that it is a temporary problem but retries have failed over several days.

I then wiped all user data using instructions I found on the internet. However, it still ends up stuck on the screen that shows Couldn't sign in, Can't establish a reliable connection to the server.

I even logged out of gmail on my laptop, but it doesn't help the situation on the Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 is a brick so now I am shopping for a few hundred thousand of these and some mortar.

Additional info: I use 2-step verification on the laptop for my gmail.

  • I had a similar issue once. As soon as I switched networks, the issue solved itself (while the trouble was going on, I was permanently connected to my home WiFi -- after the network switch, it worked well in my home WiFi as well when re-connected). Worth a try, I'd say.
    – Izzy
    Commented Jun 20, 2013 at 10:49
  • Did you check this thread? link. And, I know you wouldn't want this, but posting for others who'd want the same.XDA
    – Akhoy
    Commented Jun 20, 2013 at 13:20

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I reconfigured the router to resolve the problem. The settings that work include:

  • g rather than the other options being b and g/n. This looks like the setting for the suffix on 802.11.

  • WPA-Personal

  • AES

Of course other settings may also work and might be more secure but I did not try them.

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