Can I receive / send SMS of cellphone number with an Android tablet using a dongle? Any SMS application for the Android tablet?


Very probably not.

Reason: While (some?) USB dongles do support sending/receiving SMS, Android doesn't have a means to make use of it as is. 3rd party SMS apps rely on the Android API, but your device's firmware is very probably not built to expose 3G dongle's SMS capabilities via that API.

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What you're looking for is http://mightytext.net/ , it can provide you with access to your mobile phone sms & mms. There could be probably more have a look..

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  • I've used Mightytext between my Chromebook and my phone It's very good (assuming your phone has data enabled, or is at least connected to wifi, because your phone ultimately acts as the relay for the sending/receiving of the texts). – Stephan Branczyk Jul 7 '14 at 0:48

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