With Google Now, more specifically, the "time to home" card, is there a way that you can add more locations than Work and Home?

I found it set home by itself, and then later I stumbled upon how to set up a "work" location which I called school at the time. Now I would like to have a school location, a work location, my home location, and maybe even others if it is possible. Can this be done manually, or is it only automatic once Google Now suspects that I keep going to the same location several times?

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I have found that if I search for an address (or other location), not too long after that I get a card with driving directions to that location. If I tap the card, I'm asked if I "care about travel time to this location". Usually I say no, but if I say yes I'll have a new card that gives me the travel time to that location, just like for work or home.

In case you're wondering, the place to edit your work or home is Settings | My stuff | Places.... only home and work are available for me, but maybe they'll add some more custom locations in the future.


In Google Maps, you can save locations as favorites. They will eventually show up.

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