It keeps showing the logo and doesn't get into Android. What do you recommend me to do?

I've tried hard reset, it didn't work.

Even though I wait 1 hour, it is the same
(click image to enlarge)

  • What did you do before this happened? Did you flash a new ROM? – geffchang Jun 28 '13 at 1:22
  • I gave it to my kid to play a game. After a few hours, I found it as turned off. I thought that battery was empty and tried to charge and turn it on. No chance – Ned Jun 28 '13 at 1:44
  • Does your kid know what happened to the phone? Maybe the reason for your problem might be something he has done by mistake or something. – Sid Jun 28 '13 at 4:14

I've installed 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXEMD2 Firmware from the scratch. It's working now Instructions: http://port135.com/2013/06/30/708/

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