So, these files were filling up my /data/logs directory, causing me to run out of storage space rapidly.

What are they, why are there so many and how can I stop them clogging my storage?

dumpstate log file name
Screenshot (click image to enlarge)


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I googled the file name and found this post on XDA:

i'm still having the storage is running out error from 3.8. I found out it was caused by the signal lost issue because inside the log folder located in data folder, it will generate many dumpstate ril reset by........xxx..once my signal is lost. so, i'm wondering what's the best worldwide modem for 3.8 or lates nightly that won't cause signal lost thus my phone won't generate the dumpstate ril reset error and indirectly generating many dumpstate ril reset. I'm using dxlpa modem.

Looks like your phone might be affected by a bug in CM. I would switch ROM and see if it goes away, if not, you could try an app like GetRIL to find out what Radio Interface Layer you are using, and if there is another you can use that might help you not lose connection over and over.


I believe the problem is you have enabled the dumpstate in your mobile, please enter the keystring *#9900# and press SEND. Will be open a new screen with some options, verify if SILENT LOG is OFF and DEBUG LEVEL is DISABLE/LOW. This capabilities are used by developers to verify fails and debug application running in the device, as user you will never use it.


Dial *#9900#, and delete all your log and dump files.

Note: Only works on Samsung.

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