I'm using Google Chrome and syncing the bookmarks with the built-in feature. How can I get those bookmarks in my Android device?

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Synchronizing bookmarks between the Android browser and your Chrome desktop browser is now a built-in feature of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).


According to this answer by goblinbox:

The Dolphin mobile browser is supposed to have built-in Google Bookmarks sync capability.

An alternative would be to use GoMarks

GoMarks is a application that helps you sync and manage your bookmarks with Google Bookmarks. Ideal solution if you on desktop use Google Toolbar, GMarks or any other Google Bookmarks tools.


  • Background sync

  • Labels

  • Use Menu->More->Share page to add new bookmark from Android browser

As Dan Herbert mentions:

There is currently no way to do this natively. Android's bug tracker has an open issue for this.

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There is currently no way to do this natively. Android's bug tracker has an open issue for this.



As noted here, the bookmark sync used in Chrome is separate from Google Bookmarks. The app that Ivo Flipse suggests works only for google bookmarks.

There is an app (which I haven't tried) that seems to allow access to Chrome bookmarks called ChromeMarks, but it isn't free.

The way that I access my bookmarks is through google docs: go to docs.google.com, at the bottom of the page select My Folders, then select the folder that has the bookmarks you want. If you want to make access to this page easier, you can bookmark it in the mobile browser and put a shortcut on your homescreen.

This will get me by until it is built into the system (see Dan Herbert's post for more on that).


Two possibilities:

  • Xmarks Premium (1$/month)
  • Google Chrome for Android (only for Android 4.0/ICS or higher), syncs Bookmarks for the Desktop Chrome versions via the Google Account

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