What ffmpeg options should I use to make video playable on Android Phone (specifically, LG Optimus)? I tried various bitrate and codecs and all combinations I came up with doesn't work (tried theora, mpeg4, h264).


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The reviews I've read seem to indicate that the Optimus will happily play standard-definition Xvid and DivX video files in AVI format so try using the "-vcodec mpeg4" setting.



No luck with avi mpg4/mp3 codec? Plays like a charm on my HTC Desire w/ Froyo 2.2 You could also try another encoder, "SUPER" [1] for example. IMHO "Rockplayer" [2] is the best player for the android platform at the moment.

Hope that helps.

[1] http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html

[2] http://rockplayer.freecoder.org/index_en.html

  • mpeg4 + libmp3lame was the first thing I tried (can't remember actual bitrate though). Jan 17, 2011 at 16:04

I've been able to use any old AVI or MPEG files with the VPlayer app without having to convert them. Another alternative is Rockplayer. VLC for Android is supposed to be coming in the next few weeks.


I would highly recommend that you attempt the free MoboPlayer from the Android market.

It has highly optimised code for ARMV7, ARMV6 VFP, and ARMV6 -- as soon as it downloads it might recommend a different version from the Market version and will automatically start a download of the correct version.

In my personal experience video playback was exceptional on supposedly weaker phones -- although I don't expect it to handle HD content well.


These settings work very well on my ZTE Blade. As they have similar hardware (CPU & Memory wise) they should work OK for the Optimus One.

Video codec: x264 Frame size: 512*288 (you may want to finesse that slightly for the Optimus screen size - 320*480?) Bitrate: 768

Audio codec: aac Bitrate: 128

I suspect that the frame size, codecs (audio and video) and bitrates should be fine regardless of which container (AVI/DIVX/MP4/MKV) that you pick to play it through.

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