I've just updated to the new Skype 4 on my Nexus 4. I regularly use Skype to call numbers saved in my phone's address book contacts, but can't find where to do this in the new version.

The previous version of Skype 3.2 had an address book icon at the top right (as seen here) but this is missing in the new Skype 4 (as seen here). Is there no longer a way to call my phone's address book contacts without adding them as a Skype contact as well?

I'd rather not set Skype to sync my contacts as I regularly jump back and forth between personal & work accounts.


Try Sky Dialer for Skype App, It lets you make Skype calls to your android contacts without even going to the Skype app(It requires the Skype app to be installed to work), lets you mark and organize favorites for easy calling too.

Full Disclosure: I am the app's developer

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