I have 2 android mobiles and now I'm not using one of them.Is it possible to unlink the mobile which I'm not using from the Google play store?


I would preform a factory reset. This will erase the Google account from the phone and it will erase all of your user data. This way if it gets lost/stolen or you want to give it away it is good to go!

To do a factory reset it is basically the same for all devices:

Settings Menu --> Privacy --> Factory Reset --> Confirm...

  • Half good to go: unless you safe-erase it, content might still be restored. Besides, the question was not to reset the phone -- which even after that would still be listed in "My Devices" on Google Play, so that would not solve the issue.
    – Izzy
    Jul 5 '13 at 12:10

It is not possible to completely unlink devices listed under on the Google Play website. However, if you'd prefer to hide or remove a device from view, you can do so:

  1. Visit play.google.com/settings
  2. Untick the checkbox next to the device(s) you wish to hide


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