I just bought a new Galaxy S 4 over the weekend - I did some light googling on this topic, but no luck yet.

I want to know how to configure my Text Messaging Notifications.

Ideally, the phone would audibly say:

  • Message Received
  • (Optionally) Then it would read the subject line if there was one.

This is possible with Tasker. However, I'm not sure you can read out a subject line, since an SMS does not normally have a subject line. It DOES have a body.

  1. Create a Profile. In the profile tab, create a new profile (+ button) > Event > Phone > Received text. Click back button (to create the profile).

  2. Assign a task to the Profile. After you click the back button, a dialog will pop-up. Click New Task. Name it (e.g. Read SMS). In Task Edit screen, create a new action (+ button) > Misc > Say. In Text, type "Message received". You can also edit the Pitch (of the voice) or its speed. Click back (to create the action). If you want the text body to be read, create a new action (+ button) > Misc > Say. In Text, click the label button to the right, select Text Subject.

When you receive a message, you will be able to hear "Message Received", and the text body (if you added an action for that).

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