I have found a custom ROM in Chinese forums for mY HTC ONE SU (t528w) model.

The ROM is zipped and the folders look like below image

enter image description here

I have no idea to install this ROM. Could anybody please guide me to install this. I dont know how and where to place the boot.img. I have successfully unlocked my bootloader and mobile is rooted too.


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    You don't want to open it and look at it. You may want to flash the entire zip file using the appropriate PC software for your device, or possibly from your device's Recovery. I am not familiar with HTC devices unfortunately so I can't give you specifics. – Matthew Read Jul 11 '13 at 15:36

Please check the place where you downloaded the ROM from, it usually contains installation instructions. In most cases, these ROMs use the update.zip mechanism of the recovery mode, as Matthew mentioned. You might need a custom recovery (see and and their tag-wikis, clockworkmod resp. twrp, for examples).

The process then usually is as follows:

  1. copy the .zip to your SDCard
  2. boot into
  3. select to "apply update from SDCard"
  4. navigate to and select your .zip
  5. let it flash
  6. go back to the main menu and select to "reboot device"
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